Yarn aftercare washing instructions

Silk , cashmere, merino, kid mohair and other luxury yarns will look beautiful and give you years of service by following simple guidelines:

Always hand wash separately in lukewarm water. This is particularly important with hand dyed yarns. Do not machine wash. Water that is too hot will cause felting

Always use a proprietary wash that is specifically for the yarn being washed. There are special washes for cashmere, wools and silk etc. It's worth paying the money for these washes, they have a neutral ph factor and will take good care of the yarn. Avoid using biological powders as this can have an adverse effect on fine yarns.

Follow the instructions on the yarn wash carefully. Do not wring or over agitate.

Rinse thoroughly, I always rinse 3 times or until the rinse water is clear. and use a small amount of fabric softener in the final rinse.

Gently squeeze excess water from the item and place in a pillowcase, tie the pillow case, and give a gentle spin in the washing machine. Be very careful with spinning kid mohair, mohair and alpaca, as over spinning can cause felting.

Give a good shake and place on a clean dry towel to dry, and arrange to desired shape (blocking). DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Be patient, drying can take a few days, particularly with silk yarn

If there are any creases in the garment, gently iron through a damp cloth, using a moderate heat.

Things not to do

Some time back my treasured alpaca sweater, that I had spent weeks knitting, somehow got mixed up with the coloureds wash that I put in the washing machine. When the wash came out and I found the sweater, it was 3 sizes smaller and was totally felted. I was devastated. A hard lesson learnt. Always check that washing pile carefully before loading the washing machine.


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